Clearances must be within 1 year of your hire date. Although you do not yet have an offer of employment, you may want to ensure you have the following:

1. Pennsylvania FBI Clearance: Register online for the correct clearance and then visit a participating location to have your fingerprints taken. The clearance will be mailed to you.

a) Dept. of Education FBI Clearance – Required if hired for WS schools.

b) Dept. of Public Welfare FBI Clearance – Required if hired for any other WS program, including public school based positions. Also for positions performing Outpatient services in WS schools.

Beginning November 18, 2017, Cogent will no longer be providing fingerprint services for 'new applicants.' From November 18 through November 27, 2017, there will be a transition period, during which already-registered applicants can complete the fingerprinting process through Cogento.  Others will have to restart the process with the new supplier, Idemia (formerly MorphoTrust)/IdentoGO, beginning on November 28, 2017.”


2. Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance (Act 33) – Register and print your results online:

*Please note, this system currently only works when using Google Chrome.

3. Pennsylvania Criminal Clearance (Act 34) – Register and print your results online:

Thank you again for your time and interest.